Katachi Shin Hakken! Rittai Picross 2


カタチ新発見! 立体ピクロス2

flag_of_jp October 1, 2015


This title only “reads” character data from amiibo and does not utilize the save feature.

content  Using amiibo with this title unlocks additional game content.

Official Website (JP)

Katachi Shin Hakken! Rittai Picross 2 is part of the Picross 3D series, developed by HAL Laboratory for the Nintendo 3DS. This game is currently exclusive to Japan, with no mention of plans for an international release.

If you scan a compatible amiibo on the New Nintendo 3DS screen or NFC reader, you will unlock a nonogram puzzle featuring that character! There are 9 puzzles to unlock.

The following amiibo are compatible with Katachi Shin Hakken! Rittai Picross 2.

These amiibo unlock bonus nonogram puzzles:

kirby_SSBdedede_SSBmetaknight_SSBlink_SSBlinktoon_SSBmario_SSBdrmario_SSBmario_SMBmarioG_SMBmarioS_SMBpastMario_30ApresentMario_30Aluigi_SSBluigi_SMBpeach_SSBpeach_SMBtoad_SMByoshi_SSByoshi_SMByoshiG_WWyoshiP_WWyoshiB_WWmicroyoshiM_WWbowser_SSBbowser_SMB microbowser_SSC microbowserD_SSC