Mario Party 10


Mario Party 10

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This title reads character data as well as writes progress data to amiibo.

content   Using amiibo with this title unlocks additional game content.
bonus   Using amiibo with this title unlocks minor bonus content.
other   Using amiibo with this title awards extra in-game items.

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Official Trailer

Mario Party 10 is part of the Mario Party franchise, developed by Nd Cube & Nintendo for the Wii U.

If you scan a compatible Super Mario character amiibo on the Wii U Gamepad while at the main menu, you unlock the ability to play “amiibo Party”, as well as the character’s accompanying game board. Game boards can be customized using pieces from any board you’ve unlocked.

“amiibo Party” functions similarly to classic Mario Party titles (pre-Mario Party 9), allowing each player to move independently, with minigames after each turn. Every player using an amiibo must tap it to the Wii U Gamepad in order to roll the die. You can also store tokens on your amiibo to use in future games of “amiibo Party”. Gold & Silver Mario amiibo come pre-installed with tokens allowing them to appear Gold or Silver on the game board. If any player is using a Bowser amiibo, all minigames will come from Bowser Party.

At least one compatible amiibo is required in order to play, however they are not necessary for all players. Players without amiibo are given cardboard cut-out pieces, however they cannot store tokens.

Scanning any other amiibo, once a day, on the “amiibo Bonus” screen will allow you to pick a Scratch Card and gain extra Mario Party Points. If you scan a compatible Super Mario character amiibo instead, you can unlock brand new bases for your amiibo game piece.

Below is a list of all amiibo compatible with Mario Party 10.

These amiibo are usable in “Amiibo Party” mode and can unlock new bases & boards:


These amiibo will unlock Scratch Cards to earn Party Points:



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