Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker


readonly This title only reads data from amiibo and does not utilize the save feature.

content   Using amiibo with this title unlocks additional game content.
other   Using amiibo with this title awards extra in-game items.

Official Website (NA)
amiibo Trailer

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a spin-off in the Super Mario franchise, developed by 1-Up Studio & Nintendo for the Wii U. This title requires an update in order to use amiibo.

If you scan a Toad amiibo on the Wii U Gamepad, Pixel Toad will appear and you will begin “Hide-and-Seek” mode. Once you’ve found Pixel Toad, poke him on the Gamepad screen and you will be given a Pixel Toad stamp for that page.

If you find Pixel Toad in every page in an Episode, you will also be rewarded with a Pixel Toad stamp on the cover. There are a total of 64 Pixel Toads to find.

You can not play “Hide-and-Seek” on pages you have not cleared, pages that act as intermissions, or pages in the Bonus Episode.

If you scan any other amiibo on the Wii U Gamepad, you will be given one or two 1-Up Mushrooms. You can scan each amiibo twice per day.

Below is a list of all amiibo compatible with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.

This amiibo will unlock Pixel Toad’s Hide-and-Seek challenges:


These amiibo will award extra 1-Ups to Captain Toad & Toadette:



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