Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival


readwrite  This title reads & writes information to amiibo.

levelup  You can level up your amiibo character in this title.
content  Using amiibo with this title unlocks additional game content.
bonus  Using amiibo with this title unlocks minor bonus content.

Official Website (NA) | Official Website (JP) | Official Trailer

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival is a spin-off in the Animal Crossing franchise, developed by Nintendo for the Wii U. This title requires amiibo to play.


Like Mario Party 10‘s amiibo Party, each player can use an Animal Crossing amiibo figure as their counter on the game board and to roll the dice in “Board Game”. At least one compatible amiibo figure is required to play this mode.

As you play, you earn Happy Points. At the end of a game, these points level up your amiibo and unlock new costumes and emotions for them. You can also spend these Happy Points on attractions to expand your game board.

Animal Crossing amiibo cards can be used by up to 4 players in a variety of minigames.

As an added bonus, if you own a copy of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and have designed a house for a villager invited via amiibo, you can import their house to the game board.

Additionally, the Villager amiibo from the Super Smash Bros. collection can be scanned to unlock a special item, though it is currently unknown what that is.

Below is a list of all amiibo compatible with Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival.

These amiibo are playable in the “Board Game”: 


These amiibo are playable in minigames & can move to your game board: 

AC_card1 AC_card2 AC00A goldie_ACC stitches_ACC rosie_ACC

This amiibo unlocks a special item based on the character:



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